A Quick Note To PRs

Now, I know this might seem slightly odd coming from a PR, but I’d like to throw this out there:

This is a blog, on which I am a blogger. I may talk about things related to work, generally this will be very loosely associated with a topic, but this is done in a way that I hope brings context to any readers out there (hello you!).

When I am at work, I do online PR.
These two things are entirely seperate.

I hope that clears things up :-)

Any questions or thoughts, please let me know.

So, here’s my open PR Policy which you can find on the tab labelled, PR Policy (simple eh?).


Hope you’re all hunky dory.

I have recently received an increasingly large number of e-mails from various PR agencies which are not really relevant to the material I write about on Seldom Seen KId (And I know Lolly‘s had a few corkers too). Whilst this is not necessarily a problem at one or two a week, I think it’s time to give a quick refresher on my PR Policy…

I am happy to be approached by PRs looking to discuss coverage opportunities for their clients. Indeed, as a PR for Edelman Digital myself I regularly approach bloggers on behalf of my clients.

With that in mind, please do not expect an instant response to your e-mail or Tweet (I have to do work too ya know!) although i don’t mind what time you get in contact with me, and there is no need for an aggressive follow up, I wouldn’t do it to you if the roles were reversed!

You don’t need to be a complete whizz at what i’ve written about, or even subscribed to my RSS feed, but it wouldn’t hurt would it :-)

However, I must ask that before you press that send button, please consider a few of the following things:

Is my client relevant to The Seldom Seen Kid?
Will the coverage be mutually beneficial?
My pitch/press release isn’t salesy is it?

If you answer these in the affirmative, then you’re probably onto a winner.

Much love,



7 thoughts on “A Quick Note To PRs

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