Weekly Round Up 09.05.09

Readwriteweb published data looking at who is getting hired at the moment in tech. The main companies hiring are in Software and IT, social media and social networking companies, as well as marketing and advertising firms. Indeed, 15% of the 420 jobs that RWR had reported on were in social media – the second highest category. I told you, Social Media is the place to be…

Rupert Murdoch announced that he wants to start charging for online content from his virtual properties, claiming “The current days of the Internet will soon be over”. This will only end in disaster for Murdoch – people will instantly be driven away from reading his content as it will be findable elsewhere. We are in an age where news is instantaneous and netizens want their information served up quickly and for free. His ideas will throw us back to the dark ages – we’ll take a rain check on this for now.

Twitter search is to evolve, using an influence ranking system to help categorise content. Just how they will work out this influence rating, they’ve not yet announced – we wait with baited breath.

Twitter will also now be using bit.ly as their main URL shortener, a move that will see their traffic shoot up. Ow.ly for example currently gets 57% of it’s traffic from Twitter – Bit.ly will soon be looking at an explosion.


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