How to release an album in 5 days

Folk musician Andy Price has written, recorded and distributed an album he wrote because ‘he was bored’ in a matter of days, according to Music Ally. You can download the record here.

Monday 4th May – Write songs
Wednesday 6th May – Send songs to label
Friday 8th May – Make said songs available


What is great about this is that the songs reflect exactly what Andy is thinking now – many artists release songs a year after they were written – making it relevant to his audience.

Ohio, by Neil Young, often cited as an example of a song that was written to an incident and recorded then sold quick smart, still took several weeks, as the wiki entry explains:

Young penned the lyrics to “Ohio” after seeing the photos of the incident in Life magazine. [1] On the evening that CSNY entered Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles, the song had already been rehearsed, and the quartet with their regular rhythm section recorded it live in just a few takes. During the same session they recorded the single’s equally direct b-side, Stephen Stills’ ode to the war’s dead, “Find the Cost of Freedom.”

The record was mastered with the participation of the four principals, rush-released by Atlantic and heard on the radio with only a few weeks delay (this despite the group already having their hit song “Teach Your Children” on the charts at the time). In his liner notes for the song on the Decade retrospective, Young reported that “David Crosby cried when we finished this take.” [2] Crosby can be heard keening “four, why? why did they die?” and “how many more?” in the fade.

The relevance and connection with the audience shouold not be underestimated and could prove to be of great help to Andy’s fledgling career, gaining him fans who will appreciate the immediacy of his work.


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