Weekly Round Up: 16.05.09

Coldplay this week released a downloadable version of their new live record LeftRightLeftRightLeft. It is yet another example of a way for a band to get in touch and engage with their fans, and demonstrates the increasing popularity within the innovative quarters of the music industry, of releasing music for free. More please!

Something that went a little unnoticed following Google’s recent change of indexing, was their Blog Search upgrade. Of the new enhancements, Google’s Jeremy Hylton said “the whole collection of ranking changes provides a more authoritative set of results. I think it’s really a great set of bloggers talking about current events.”

The big news in Twitterland this week was the #fixreplies debacle. Which confused pretty much everyone. Biz Stone responded by writing a blog post to explain what had been done and what Twitter were doing about it. What is clear is that Twitter are listening to their users and that they haven’t quite grasped how powerful/important their service is and can go on to be.

The Premier League are making classic games from the last seven years available through iTunes. This is the first step in trying to utilise the Internet and engage with fans online, and may well be the foundation for a wider roll out over the next 12 months of showing football online.


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