Stowe Boyd at Somesso London

Stowe Boyd spoke at the recent Somesso in London at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium.

As WordPress won’t let me embed the video, you can watch what Stowe had to say on his blog.

Stowe also put together his thoughts in a blog post a few weeks ago, Unmarketing and the Webful Brand, which was the basis for his talk.

The key point for me here is that:

As we have seen in the open source movement and the rise of activities like Wikipedia, people opt to becoming involved in projects like these — and activities perhaps more personal, like blogging and twittering — principally for extra-market motivations. In a nutshell: they aren’t getting paid to do it. Some other ‘calling’ is involved.

I was asked by Iain Simpson after the event, what my motivation was for blogging. It is, as it turns out, certainly not economic. It is to rationalise my thoughts and to use the platform as a creative channel to try out thoughts and to almost ask for vindication – is what i’m saying right or wrong?

This, without realising it, is in total agreement with what Stowe was saying. Ok, so this isn’t as big as Wikipedia, but being approached by PRs who want me to talk about their brand and share something with you guys reading the blog, means that I am indeed an Edgling.

I’m being marketed to and getting involved, not because I want to make some money, but because I have a need, intrinsic perhaps, to share a view or idea or something that I think is actually quite cool. But, does this mean that I need to form a relationship, or have an existing relationship, with a brand in order to talk about them?

Not necessarily, but I am opening up a channel for that brand to begin a conversation, should they so wish, and I want to have that conversation.

I want to know why that brand says something to me, from their point of view, and I think that this helps to develop a deeper bond, or perhaps even break it.

I want to know what the brand has to say to me and readers of this blog, and I am intrigued by the way they are doing it.

Finally, I want to know if my behaviour and your behaviour is altered by engagement with brands – I’d say, sort of.

I’d love to know your experiences, if you’ve been spoken to by a brand, how they did, what their motivation was for it, and what you thought of them afterwards.


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