Blogging London, Munich and Madrid

London, Munich and Madrid, are three of the oldest but dynamic cities in Western Europe.

Some quick facts about each city:

Population: 7,556,900
Area: 659 sq mi
Density: 12,331/sq mi

Population: 3,213,271
Area: 234.4 sq mi
Density:2,044/sq mi

Population: 1,356,594
Area:119.9 sq mi
Density:11,318 /sq mi

But how does each city compare in the amount that they are written about in blogs?

London Madrid Munich

It is unsurprising to see that London comes top, Madrid second and Munich third, and as the population to coverage ratios are roughly the same, so the same proportion of people in each city must be blogging,

What is interesting is that there is very little deviance over the 6 months measured – the amount of content blogged is pretty consistent.

Now, take a look at a Google trends graph over the last 5 years:

london madrid munich google

London is blue, Madrid is yellow and Munich is red.

The pattern matches with the blogpulse chart, and there is a tiny trend of fewer and fewer general searches over time, but interestingly there is an increase in the amount of news about Madrid and London, but not Munich.

Why do you think the results have come out like this?


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