Cision, a media monitoring company, have launched JournalistTweets, a Twitter index of Journalists from the UK and the US.

According to the Cision site:

With multiple feeds delivering real-time tweets from reporters, freelancers, bloggers and broadcasters, JournalistTweets ( is the first service to offer journalists’ Twitter content sorted by areas of interest.

Building on Cision’s award-winning expertise in creating platforms to connect media and communications professionals, JournalistTweets has been developed as a networking tool. The site allows journalists to discover new connections in their own industry and provides PR professionals with an extra level of intelligence – journalists’ interests in real-time.

“Journalists are increasingly using Twitter as a communications tool for finding sources, connecting with each other, and sharing interesting and useful links,” said Peter Granat, CEO of Cision Europe. “By identifying top journalists and organising their tweets by topic, Cision’s JournalistTweets offers real-time monitoring of news research and reporting – and an instant snapshot of top-of-mind issues.”

The service initially offers six feeds of journalist tweets: five from North America including an overall feed and topic-specific feeds for journalists covering technology, business and finance, lifestyle and entertainment and health subject areas, as well as UK content. Feeds from other regions, as well as new ways of organising them, will be added as the platform develops.

Users can currently choose to view content from “top tweeters,” and search all journalist names and content of Twitter streams to quickly identify key individuals and issues. JournalistTweets also allows users to respond to tweets directly from the site.

Twitter is becoming an invaluable resource and today’s launch is demonstrative of the evolution of the PR/Journalist relationship.


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