Weekly Round Up 23.05.09

It’s all gone a bit crazy over at Techcrunch after Michael Arrington’s blog ran a story questioning whether Last.FM’s parent company CBS had sold user’s data to the RIAA. There is a history to this, and i’ll let you read it here. The sharing of user data is a huge issue and of course has many legal implications, but are Techcrunch going above their station by offering legal counsel to the CBS employee who has subsequently been fired because he leaked an e-mail?

And to the CBS employee who was fired and threatened based on this story – we believe certain U.S. Whistle Blower laws may protect you from retaliation from CBS in this matter. We’d like to provide you with legal counsel at our cost.

Two small stories of epic Twitter fail this week. Firstly, @Astro_Mike was allegedly the first person to Tweet from space, he wasn’t . And secondly, there were widespread rumours on Twitter that Patrick Swayze had died. He hadn’t. This of course brings into question the reliability of Twitter as a source of information, and also shows how a subject can snowball and get out of hand very quickly, if no-one is there to fight the fire.

Not only is the Pope on Youtube, the Pontif has made his way onto Facebook and the iPhone. Good to see that even the most conservative of groups are mebracing the Internet, albeit slowly, and using it to communicate!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up 23.05.09

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  2. http://www.last.fm/forum/21717/_/535934/_/9521312

    Russ, a founder of last.fm and much more reliable than that National Enquirer-wannabe TechCrunch, has denied everything. He has even posted a response to answer the second “article” by the National Enq… er, TechCrunch.


    Showing nothing to hide, you’ll see in that thread noone ever had a post deleted there, no matter how irate or against last.fm it was.


    Starting there, and continuing reading a couple pages, you’ll see the truth about TechCrunch. Every message at TC in response that was against Michael Arrington’s (shoddy) reporting has been summarily deleted. Several screenshots were even posted of people’s responses that were deleted.

    Now, who is more trustworthy again, a site that allows open discussion, or one that whittles down the discussion to make it look like everyone agrees with them?

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