Refugee Week

At the recent London Bloggers Meetup, Jaz Cummins spoke about Refugee Week which runs from June 15 to June 21, a project she is involved with.

The UK wide scheme will feature a week full of events which will range from activities in schools to bug music festivals, all to raise awareness and celebrate the contribution of refugees in our society. We are being encouraged to get involved by doing one simple act, to help change the way that we interact with refugees in the UK.

Here’s some ideas of what you could do:

Cook a dish from another country
Watch a movie about refugees
Read a book about exile
Share a song
Define the word “Refuge”

What does refuge mean to me?

A refuge is not where i’m from or where I want to be, but it’s where I can go to to get back to being who I want.

What does refuge mean to you?

You can keep up with the latest Refugee Week news by visiting their blog.

4 thoughts on “Refugee Week

  1. Hey Matt

    Thanks so much for the post, it’s a great, flexible campaign. The ‘define refuge’ idea is one I thought bloggers would like – ace choice :-)

    Thanks for your act!


  2. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for shouting about the Simple Acts campaign – every little bit helps :O)

    And we really appreciate your definition of refuge!

    Thanks again,

    Gerdy, Simple Acts team

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