Cloud Computing: ‘The biggest technological advance since the birth of the Internet’

Cloud computing is a big topic in the emerging technologies space at the moment. It is seen as being green, increasing productivity and reducing costs. I was invited to a seminar run by the CEO of Cloud Nine, Bart Thomas, to hear about their offering. Due to unforseen circumstances I was unable to attend, but the Cloud Nine team very kindly sent through a copy of Bart’s presentation and the full seminar transcript.

The main issue for me is the threat of a security breach, someone taking all of my documents which are being stored in a third party location, on a server I only have access to remotely.

However, I think that cloud computing is the future (sort of) and, with the right infrastructures in place, will indeed cut costs, save time and make being productive greener.

I say sort of, because as any internet user knows, Facebook is the mother of all data centres, with images, videos, audio and text all hosted on Facebook’s servers. What is Flickr? A cloud computing device to store all your photos.

There are many large technology companies looking at ways to make harness these emerging technologies and try to use them to make business more profitable. This is not necessarily a bad thing of course, as it will benefit many people.

What this will mean however is that there are many jobs which are now under threat from cloud computing’s development – the people to be affected by this must be helped by their organisations to find other skills that they can use and not just left out to dry.

Conversely, there will be many more jobs created as new skills are required, such is technology and the rate at which it progresses.


2 thoughts on “Cloud Computing: ‘The biggest technological advance since the birth of the Internet’

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