Saving music one step at a time

According to Music Week: The Liberal Democrat’s Culture, Media and Sport Spokesperson Lord Clement-Jones will on Monday announce plans for a new Bill to “save live music in England and Wales”.

This comes on the back of the latest data released from the US, which says that: US album sales last year were the lowest since 1995 – and that 2009 is even worse, with sales off a further 13% year-on-year.

Lord Clement-Jones will say that the government’s 2003 licensing act has failed and that “1 in 20 music venues are now no longer putting on live music”.

Maybe we’ve missed a trick however. It’s all well and good saying how few albums have been sold between x and x period of time, but maybe people aren’t buying records because music at the moment just isn’t very good.

The amount of artists coming through is greater than ever, and bouyed by the likes of Pop Idol, the mainstream is saturated with singers who have two or three hits and then disappear into the ether.

The last truly innovative band to break through were Franz Ferdinand in 2002/2003. Who has taken the mantle of Blur or Oasis as the cheerleaders for British music? Arguably Coldplay, but they, and I must stress that I think they’re genius and i’ll defend them to the hilt, do not occupy the same attitude or buoyancy as those bands from the Britpop era.

The latest band to take the world by storm is Elbow, a quintet who’ve been around for four albums, and yes they deserve every single accolcade that goes their way (including the titling of blogs), there are no young up and coming bands making their mark on the scene.

This could be because everyone is spending less on musical instruments, but it could be that we’re becoming so used to mainstream content that there is no way of being immune from and creating, truly original and groundbreaking music.


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