Inbound Links and Google dominance

There’s recently been a bit of an issue with WordPress’ Inbound Links system – the section that would usually display all your recent inbound links has completely disappeared from the WP dashboard.

The reason for this, it would appear, is that Google Blog Search, which is used to source the data, is currently having a few issues indexing linked content.

So far there’s been no comment on the Google Blog, and I wonder if my inbound link to them will be picked up?

We are all becoming increasingly familiar with #gfail, or when GMail stops working, and there have been recent outages affecting 14% of Google’s users. 14% of a market share of 71.99%.

Now it’s all well and good producing wonderful things like Wave or a micro-blogging search engine, but if the basics aren’t wqorking perfectly, you should concentrate on making those work first.

Imagine it as a sandwich; you wouldn’t eat a sandwich if the best cheese in the world was between two bits of mouldy bread would you?

What this also demonstrates is that there are so many of us depending on Google, that if it went down, it would take alot of us with it. The problem is of course, that Google products are generally pretty damn good, which is of course why we use them.

Where will the next google competitor come from – the next evolution in search, the next big e-mail revolution and of course, a decent blog search engine – and will they please hurry up and offer some competition…


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