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Following the most recent London Blogger’s Meet Up, Andy Bargery noted how:

…it got me to thinking how few of your blogs I’ve actually read. I don’t know whether this is a time issue, or whether I just keep reading the same blogs all the time, or if it’s because there are just so many of us in the community that I haven’t got around to it yet. In reality it’s probably a mixture of all of the above.

And so set out a round of blog tag, in which I was tagged by the rather splendid Mr. Tim Dickinson (thanks very much!).

So here’s three bloggers who you should check out, regulars to the LBM:

1) Londonelicious – Krista writes restaurant reviews and tales of food fun as an American living in London. Recent pieces include a review of Mestizo which is just down the road from me, a walk around Blackheath Farmer’s Market and a tour of Dalston’s Ridley Road Market. Krista’s great at what she does and makes me think I should give up this PR malarkey and go and eat some food instead! You’re it Krista!

2) Mauricio Samayoa – Mauricio blogs about tech and music, with a good amount of social media musings thrown in for good measure. His posts are often thought provoking and although not as frequent as they could be (!!) he’s always good value for an opinion or two. Mauricio hails from El Salvador and has travelled a fair bit, living in Washington and Madrid amongst others, so he’s well positioned to offer a unique perspective on a range of different issues.

3) Fresh Plastic – Anthony is an individual – his tweets are like none other that I follow, and his passion for all things tech and gadgets make his blog a must read if you like a professional yet quirky look at new shiny objects. Anthony’s business card claims he is not a horse, something I can testify as truth, and there is certainly nothing equine about his writing as this post proves.


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