Remixes and Covers

The brilliant thing about music is the ease of which someone can interpret a song in a totally different way to the way it was originally written or recorded.

The ability for hoomins to take something and change it to suit themselves is an amazing artistic quality that should not be underestimated.

The Internet has made this far easier across a different range of content, from videos , images and of course sound.

Google have recently announced they want users to create a video showing how you can create the Google Chrome icon, and even thought it’s a ‘viral’ campaign, It perfectly highlights the ability of people to see or hear something, and make something unique from it.

This culture is something that Matt Mason covers extensively in his book, Pirate’s Dilemma and is something that I think only free culture can allow.

If all images, sound and visual content was totally protected by copyright, we’d be without such wonderful things as this:

Now copyright essentially exists to ensure that creators of content are justly rewarded for thier work – as a musican type, I totally understand this – but it also means that huge sums of money can be paid to use a work, and this of course propogates the pirate culture.

Here’s my Spotify playlist of covers and remixes that got me thinking about this whole thing.


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