Weekly Round Up 21.06.09

This week’s news round up has been put together by Elliot Pearson, music business grad with a passion for music and digital and new media advancements. His main focus is emerging online opportunities and social media, and how these can be used by new artists. We will be regularly swapping news round ups as we aim to build, share and combine both our online communities and we believe that one way to do this is to introduce the readers of our blogs to each other ands allow them to interact across both platforms.

You can follow Elliot on Twitter and read what he has to say on his blog.

When reading an interview with David Lyman and Mark Schmulen of NutshellMail, I couldn’t help but be amused by the underlying irony. While the idea behind their service is a valid one – a digest of a users social network updates delivered via a consolidated email – they must surely appreciate the potential hypocrisy behind what they are trying to launch. In their own words:
“With Facebook, it’s easy to get annoyed of email notifications and most of them remain unread. By consolidating activity on Facebook – and even Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn – we deliver email digests to users when and how often they want them.”
By replacing the ‘annoying’ emails with regularly-scheduled updates, surely there is a strong chance that the NutshellMail emails will become the new annoyance, which is where the platform’s powerful scheduling tools come in. Users will be able to specify times when the are most likely to be receptive to the update, but does this mean that, particularly with fast-moving platforms such as Twitter, that even hourly updates will not allow users to stay up-to-date.

With constant developments in options for monetisation through online channels, whether they be app or in-game microtransactions, or ad-funded models, services that offer seamless transaction handling and CRM management are constantly looking for new opportunities to attract consumers to their platforms. Companies such as fatfoogoo are positioning themselves well to make a wide range of monetisation options available for all platforms. Their latest announcement, an avatar store for social profile site mEgo, helps to highlight just how many options are available. While it remains to be seen what kind of revenue can be generated through something that has little substantial value for the consumer (for example simple online graphics for the avatars), the upside for developers and programmers is that no matter what their app or platform is used for, there is a strong chance further revenue can be received from it.

After Facebook released the opportunity for users to pick their own vanity URLs, it faces a period of dispute-settling for individuals and organisations that find themselves subject to ‘cyber-squatting’ on their names. But how important a feature is this for the general public? Remembering friend’s usernames (especially with it being unlikely that it corresponds exactly to their real name) is a far more long-winded process than a site-based search, or bookmarking a page doesn’t require the use of a vanity URL. Surely making the URLs available to fan pages for personalities or organisations would have saved further problems from disputes?


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