IT state of the nation

Vanson Bourne have released details of a new survey into the IT industry.

The main take aways from the study:

• Over half our respondents reported that their current IT budget is smaller than last year, with an average decrease of 19%.
• Less than a fifth of respondents are enjoying budget increases.
• Within this tiny minority, Enterprise businesses saw budget growth of 31% on average, twice the level of smaller companies we surveyed.
• The worst-hit sector was manufacturing, where 2 in 3 respondents reported an IT budget cut.

I don’t think this tells us anything we didn’t necessarily know, it’s interesting to see the full numbers in the raw.

The full report is below – what are you doing to help your business through this torrid economic time?


2 thoughts on “IT state of the nation

  1. From where I’m sitting, IT *consulting* is stable in Palo Alto, CA. New FT positions are either frozen at Fortune X or are depending upon staff augmentation until often myopic corporate mandates blow over.

    … anyone need a cloud consultant? Kidding. B)

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