David Hockney and mobile art

David Hockney is 72. This is a fact, and I would wager that most 72 year olds are not like David Hockney. He has been at the forefront of art since the year dot, and is one of the most influential British artists of recent times. So imagine my delight when I read this article on the BBC website which tells us how David is using his iPhone to create new works of art.

It started when he e-mailed 12 of his friends something he created and he enjoyed the solitary nature of making his work this way. One question which has gone unanswered is how he will choose to exhibit this work (if at all). Art blog Beyond Project says:

…unmediated personal nature may be compromised in a public domain, possibly lost alongside Walter Benjamin’s elusive ‘aura’ – the unique element that “shrinks” from a piece of art when it is technologically/mechanically reproduced. When the artwork becomes a reproduction, removed from the “realm of tradition” of the act of making.

And I somewhat tend to agree.

Does this not mean a new way forward to display art however?

Is there room for a virtual gallery in the Tate perhaps, or what about a projection of the images onto a wall at Camden’s catacombs?

The arts are generally pretty slow to pick up on new formats for displaying these innovative ideas – hence the rise of street graffiti I’d argue – and for someone like David to be showing the rest of the Art world the way is something to be championed and indeed, very proud of.


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