Tumblr: Why You Are Not On It Yet

Tumblr is fast becoming my favourite micro-blogging platform Twitter alternative. Friendfeed, no matter how hard Scoble tries to convince, just isn’t working for me yet – there is nothing on there that has an edge over Twitter.

Tumblr provides you with a nice and easy interface, the option of blogging with different media formats and is fully customisable colour, shape and culture-wise. If Twitter were to crash and burn tomorrow, I would find it easy to start using Tumblr as my new pair of shoes.

So why the inflammatory nature of the title?

Tumblr is not written about in the mainstream media, as Twitter currently is, nor is Friendfeed of course, but it still has a celebrity presence that you probably don’t know about. According to Mashable, Katy Perry, Pete Wentz, Josh Groban, and John Legend are all using the service.

Tumblr doesn’t have it’s own news section on Mashable, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have news – there is of course the Tumblr blog to keep up to date with the latest goings on.

Tumblr is not awash with spammers – people genuinely care about the content they’re sharing and creating to be shared, it’s an interactive broadcast platform if you like – you don’t reply to someone’s message necessarily, you re-blog it to show you like it. It is easy to put a tweet out and for it to get lost in the ever heavier ether, spammers are lost in amongst themselves fighting for air.

Similar to Tumblr is Soup.io, but it just isn’t quite there, yet, and it’ll be interesting to see how it develops and whether it’ll leapfrog my new re-found friend.

So, give Tumblr a go. Indeed, leave your Tumblr address below if you’re already there and i’ll check out your feed.


6 thoughts on “Tumblr: Why You Are Not On It Yet

  1. tumblr is one of the most under-rated startups out there … it seems to recapture the original spirit of Stumble Upon, if you have ever used that. Highlighting the best content of the web … while adding your own touch and commentary. I feel the same way about FriendFeed; it is a big commitment in time to stay up to day, and the payoff is very limited. The beauty of twitter is the easy come, easy go nature; use it as you please, and no-one cares the better for it :-)

    personally … I’m waiting for the next *big* development in Social Media … sort of flatlined at the moment. But my sneaking suspicion is that we’ve reached the crest of this wave; that Facebook has connected the world, and offers the most integrated connected platform. The Google of people if you will.


  2. I couldn’t agree more, we’ve now got a range of services trying to be the next big thing, when really these guys should be looking at what’s coming around the corner!

    I’ve just signed up for Noovo, which is similar to Tumblr and Soup.io so i’m hoping for a good experience using that too.

    What the next step will be, i don’t know – if i did i’d be out there doing it :-)

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  5. I just recently jumped on board tumblr. I don’t have a specific thing I write, read or reblog about, I just go with whatever interests me and hopefully others will enjoy the random different things I post. From photography to 3d art to music to tech and mods. Like I said I just got started and I’m still learning the ins and outs but I’m getting there. Hopefully if anyone goes they find something interesting and decide to follow me for future blogging.

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