4oD Switch To Streaming

Today I received this in my inbox from 4oD:

Dear 4oD user,

We wrote to you recently to alert you to some changes to your 4oD service. We’re now only a few days away from the 4oD desktop application closing down.

The good news is that all your favourite Channel 4 programmes past and present are now available to watch for free on channel4.com. It’s really simple to use as all the content is streamed which means you won’t need to download anything before you can watch it.

If you’ve used 4oD to purchase any programmes on a download to own basis, you’ll still be able to watch these through your 4oD application from your desktop.

If you have ever entered your payment card details to rent or purchase a programme on 4oD these will be fully removed from the system once the 4oD application closes. However your customer account will remain active and you can use it to log in to other channel4.com services, such as E4.com.

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy using the new 4oD on channel4.com.

Streaming and no desktop app? I’ll probably use 4oD more – looks like Spotify and BBC iPlayer is presenting a winning argument.


One thought on “4oD Switch To Streaming

  1. Hi, Ino this was posted quite a few months back from now but my friend has 4od on the desktop and quite regulary watches Desperate Housewives and Skins. I’ve now took up the chance to go and download this desktop app and then i’ve gone to the website not knowing how to do it.
    So i’ve searched various websites to look for it and this is the only thing that has helped me. I realise this app must have now closed down if i’m correct and now it’s not letting me watch desperate housewives. I wanted to watch it from the beginning series, is there any possible way to do this? please email me back,
    thanks, kirsty.

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