6 Month Blog Stats

Seeing as we’re half way through the year, I thought I’d briefly indulge in some catharsis by looking at some stats from this here blog (everyone else does it so why shouldn’t I?). As a blogger, it is always interesting to see what posts are most popular and then to try and work out why, so that you can start creating content that rings your community’s bell.

This year i’ve written 181 (now 182) posts, which is pretty much one a day!

So, the 10 most popular posts from January to now are:

Compare The Meerkat
Spotify, MTV Staying Alive and Safe Sex
Top Gear’s Stig is not Michael Schumacher
Michael Jackson dies – Internet crumbles
JCPR Twitter Index
Primark Sweatshop PR Disaster
Spotify – free ad-funded music
Seesmic Desktop Review – Twitter’s new Tweetdeck Rival
How To Get A Job in PR – Part 1
How to pitch to bloggers

This tells me two things: 1) Timely news pieces attract readers who wouldn’t have come acrtoss the blog 2) ‘How To’ guides are supposedly more interesting than the complex social media theories i’m coming up with (joke!)

To that end, how many people are actually coming here?

Page views: 23,516
Uniques: 17,843
First Time Visitors: 16,138
Returning: 1,705

Now I for one would prefer the page views to be a little lower and the number of people returning to be a touch higher! So, please let me know what sort of content you’d like to see more of and what I can do to keep your attention by leaving me a comment!

The numbers below are taken from WM Tips:


Google Page Rank:3
Alexa 3 month Rank: 347,648 up 147,382
Compete.com rank: 33
Quantcast rank: 23
Netcraft rank:1,013,875
Technorati rank: 182,578


On-Page links count: 311 (nofollow: 12)
PR/Links ratio: 0.01
Yahoo inbound links count: 589
Yahoo indexed subpages count:303
Sites linking in (Alexa): 44
Inbound blogs (by Technorati): 21
Links from blogs (by Technorati): 58
Del.icio.us: Saved by 0 people
Is page digged?: Yes, 1 diggs
Digged stories from this domain: 184

Over the next 6 months I hope to keep this blog growing and to keep producing content that will keep you coming back for more! Drop me any ideas for anything you’d like to see below :-)


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