Weekly Round Up 05.07.09

One of the more annoying/good Twitter campaigns so far, has this week come from the Moonfruit team, who have been goving away Macbook Pros everyday in return for the simple addition of a hashtag at the end of a tweet. The idea is simple, the execution even simpler, but what about the moonfruit spam? My personal opinion on this one is that although the idea is clever, the execution has been poor, and the boasting about the success is just downright horrifying. It’s all well and good telling the PR community about the good job you did, but a BBC Technology Correspondent?

Adverts on Twitter are becoming increasingly more noticeable (or not) according to Read Write Web who have picked up on the sponsored links appearing on Twitter’s homepage. I don’t think this is a huge issue as I generally use Tweetdeck, and until they begin to flood me with ads, or updates beging to appear in my actual stream, it has very little affect on my use of the service.

There’s been a huge storm over a ‘new’ video promoting Internet Explorer 8 which shows a woman throwing up over her laptop – not a smart move by Microsoft if this is actually by them. I’m not going to embed it here as I don’t really think it’s that suitable, if you must, try looking for it here. What the video has done is actually caused a self censoring of many and a line of decency to be crossed – for once the Internet has reacted badly to something seemingly thought of as just a little bit of fun, and it’s been pulled.


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