70% of small businesses too busy to update blogs – 4 quick tips

According to a new survey from Write My Site, “More than 70% of small businesses say they don’t have time to keep their blogs up to date.”

“62% of respondents set up a blog in the hope that it would increase traffic to their websites. Nevertheless, only 29% are managing to populate them between one and three times each month, with the remaining 71% admitting that their blogs have fallen by the wayside.”

This is a shame as the 125 small business owners who took part in the survey are missing a trick. A blog can help to build a community around your product and become the focal point of that community.

What can you do as a small business to try and manage your time more effectively so that you can blog?

1) Work out why you want/need to blog in the first place – are you broadcasting or creating a community?
2) Are you writing time sensitive material? If not, why not spend an evening writing three or four different posts and then schedule them to be regularly posted ie every Monday morning
3) Is there a team member in your business other than yourself who is tuned in to the blogosphere? Consider asking them if they’d like to contribute/manage your blog
4) Do you commute to work? What are you doing during that time? Could it be used to draft ideas for a blog post or even write something that can be crafted at a later date?

One blog post a week or month will be compelling enough to begin helping to position your company as switched on, or help your customers to discover more about your, and its, personality – it is not a task that should be taken half heartedly, and promoting your blog and getting a following can be as big an incentive as you need to spur you on to write more.


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