My Secret Circle

I was reading Crunchgear when I stumbled upon My Secret Circle, a new closed social network for girls.

Instead of logging in via your web browser, you plug in a USB key which automagically runs and gets you connected to a journal-like photosharing diary entering platform. The network runs totally in flash so you can also play games and chew the breeze in a safe environment.

The genius of this is that nobody can get access to your profile unless they have a USB key and you’ve shared your connection details.

What I find interesting about this is that it is looking for a different method to try and keep kids safe online – a topic that is often debated and a solution never really found.

There are many different social networks trying different tactics. for example uses Facebook Connect to specify sex and age of older users to remain closed – again, a good way of keeping undesirables out.

Where My Secret Circle falls down however, is the insistence on paying $19.99 to actually purchase the USB key. With so many other social networks out there, i’m not sure parents will be keen to pay out just to keep their kids in touch online.

It provides a safer alternative to Myspace for example, but is it a sustainable business model? I’d suggest in the long term, not so.


One thought on “My Secret Circle

  1. I was just over at Crunchgear reading about this this. Did you know flash drives have been known to carry self-propagating worms. They lurk unseen on USB drives and come to life when the flash drive is inserted into your pc / mac. It then downloads a code that connects else ware on the net and stays in touch with it’s creator, sending all data from your computer and can even make it possible for the creator to manipulate your settings and take control of your computer. The Department of Defense has banned the use of USB drives and they are being phased out by the corporate world.
    On a lighter note, children (as do adults) misplace, lose and have items stolen all the time. Children also fall into and out of friendships often. Then there is the fact that I can’t find much about the company Senario and their web site has been under construction since they began their campaign launching giveaways through mom based blogs during July 6-9 period. And their name is quite similar to Sanrio which is a big favorite and trusted kid friendly company. I would like to know more about this company Senario. In the mean time, would be extremely cautious.

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