Weekly Round Up 12.07.09

Brand Twitter management tool CoTweet went live this week. Using CoTweet, different users can have access to the same Twitter account and are notified when another user tweets or a message is received – this is of course perfect for brands who are looking to keep resources expended to a minimum without employing someone specifically to monitor the micro-blogging platform or engage with fellow users.

The team at Andersen Analytics provided five minutes of amusement this week by categorising people’s behaviours offline, according to what social network they use.

This is the super-user group. Twitterers are more interested than the others in many subjects but skew particularly high in all news categories, restaurants, sports, politics, personal finance and religion. They also especially like pop culture, with music, movies, TV and reading, ranking higher than average. And their buying habits mirror that. They’re more likely to buy books, movies, shoes and cosmetics online than the other groups.

Twitterers are also entrepreneurial. They are more likely than others to use the service to promote their blogs or businesses. How do they keep going? Coffee, apparently. Some 31% buy coffee online, far above the average 21% of other social networkers.

They’re more likely to be employed part-time (16% vs. 11% average), have an average income of $58,000, and average 28 followers and 32 other Twitterers they’re following. They’re not particularly attached to the site, though — 43% said they could live without Twitter.

Seesmic launched a Twitter web app this week – a sure sign that the ‘download and play with’ is not the only option that third party Twitter app creators are looking at.


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