Even Rock Stars Aren’t Rude

There are some people who rise to the top of a pile. There are those who fall to the bottom and are crushed under the weight of the pile. There are the remainder, and majority, who sit in the middle, floating between the two. If you are lucky enough to get to the top, it’s always gracious to be aware of this, and use your position to try and help others join you.

This applies, in pretty much any industry, in any sector, in any country. You could be a Japanese rock star, an eminent British politician, or an Adage 150 blogger.

If you’re a rock star, you can use your position to help other artists out by taking them on tour with you. If you’re a politician, you can enlist a support network and make them the forefront of your community work, and if you’re a top blogger, you can engage with those not fortunate enough to be in the top echelons of the Alexa rankings by offering advice or even a guest post.

Maybe it is the working class chip that sits fat and unrepentant on my right shoulder, but it irks me when those at the top do not see that they have an opportunity to help those below, and dismiss them with an air of contempt, as if brand new carpet had been muddied by soiled boot.

We are lucky to live in a society where many of those in highly regarded positions try to help – footballers working with local hospitals and charities for example – and it is, thankfully, more (cheers @annastu) often that this is the case. However, a curtly written and arrogant response to a harmless enquiry is unnecessary – as much as I would like to share the exact details of my experience and publish the e-mail, I feel that this would be a pedantic and not really help to develop any situation for anything other than a negative resolution.

As a PR, I have been palmed off with excuses or ignored by journalists who find the very nature of my calling them to be nothing more than a nuisance, despite my best intent.

As a blogger, I have found that I tend to get much more response from anyone I get in contact with, even If I am essentially sending them the same parcel, wrapped up with a different coloured bow.

I would have hoped that the social media and marketing community would be aware that so many of us are now in this dual role – blogger by night, PR by day – and be understanding of the difficulties that this can bring. On the whole, it is. But it sometimes appears that those at the top, who have written their books and made their money, have no time for the little man.

I refer you to this as a reminder that we are all suffering from stiff necks, wherever we stand:


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