Weekly Round Up 18.07.09

Rumours abound this week that Facebook are working on an integrated Twitter app to use within the 250 million member service. Inside Facebook this week reported on a test tweet from Facebook engineer Ross Blake which was delivered via ‘Penguin’. This is an interesting move as Facebook have recently undergone several Twitter-like UI changes in an attempt to move into a more stream-like function.

Microsoft are intending to launch a host of retail stores in a bid to rival Apple’s highstreet dominance. An article on Mashable this week reported that the tech giant is planning to build stores right next door to Apple’s – strange but understandable move I think. Strange because it is an aggressive strategy and this isn’t the usual Microsfot way, understandable because the best place to try and beat your rival is from the other side of the street, hence why you often get coffee shops clustered together.

There’s been a lot of discussion about ‘Twittergate‘ – the publication on Techcrunch of documents illegally sourced from the micro-blogging platform’s HQ. You can read my thoughts on this here, but It is worth adding that there has been a lot of further opinion given, and this is something that is set to run.

Kazaa is to shake off it’s image of illegal P2P file-sharing, and return as a bona fide straight laced music subscription service, according to Cnet. You could say the service has sold out, but then again, it will be providing an alternative business model in an ever-crowded space, and could cash in on the knowledge of their name. Whether they will make any money of course, is a different story.


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