Magners Making Good Use of Social Media

I was contacted by Mauricio Samayoa on behalf of Magners, who are involved with the Summer Series at Somerset House.

I was asked if I fancied going to see Super Furry Animals courtesy of Magners – “well heck yeah!” was my response. VIP bar, great music and a plus one? Mauricio had certainly done his PR homework and knew how to engage with this fair blogger.

I’ve always liked SFA, but never really got into them, if you see what I mean, and the gig totally converted me into a bona fide fan.

The set spanned the majority of their albums, and the diverse nature of their back catalogue has had me tuned into Spotify constantly since Saturday night. You can read a full review of the gig on Crazy Beat Music.

My brother Ross and I were lucky enough to be given access to the VIP bar. Now, we’ve been in a few of these in our time and previous lives as rock and roll stars, this was certainly the coldest, but it was a genuine pleasure not to have to queue to buy a drink!

I’ll be honest, i’ve always been more of a Leffe fan when it comes to the odd tipple, but I suppose you’d not neccessarily know that, and I’d previously only really explored cider at the Isle of Wight festival a couple of years ago.

I surprised at how fresh the pear version itself was. I’ve had a bottle of pear cider sat in my fridge for ages and not really known what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s very easy on the tastebuds and I can certainly see how easy it could be to drink in the summer!

I’m impressed with the way that Magners are running their campaign. They’ve got twitter nailed with an active and engaging character running it, @magnersUK if you were wondering, a well thought out and constantly evolving Facebook page and they’re making the most of Flickr by compiling fan photos, as well as engaging with bloggers.

Magners have got good content, including of course the tie in with the Summer Series and are using the various platforms very well. It’ll be interesting to see if sales do increase more than expected (as I assume that’s their ROI indicator) and if the amount of UGC will meet their expectations.

In the world of search, blog posts, images and links are all becoming important for brands who are looking to be the top search term in their field. This sort of engagement goes a heck of a way to help impact on search results, and is another example of how closely linked social media and SEO are becoming.

What I suppose I need to ask now is, does this blog post make me a viable target for other drinks companies…


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