Picture Imperfect

It’s amazing how two people can see the same picture in totally different ways.

This image by Howard Hodgkin called ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ makes me think of a hot summer’s day, strolling through a field with the only thing visible, a distant line on the horizon.

You might see this as like looking through a skylight, or an obscured view looking out to sea.

What can you achieve by looking at something from a different angle, gaining a different perspective?

Kimia M. Ansari has recently written about an HSBC ad campaign which encourages a different point of view when looking at two scenarios.

The ads are an on-going series of poster-size images superimposed by a single word. The words are simple and describe two opposite extremes. Combined, the images and message are straight-forward yet open ended.

This encourages the viewer to see two scenarios from alternate points of view and consider both in equal measure.

Looking at a problem from a different perspective can often result in frustration and anxiety that the issue won’t be resolved. However, sometimnes an entirely seperate point of view and perspective can lead to cracking the code that is finding itself elusive to you.

What can you do to make this process easier?

A simple technique is to remove yourself from your usual thinking place, be that at home on the sofa, or your desk at work. You could walk through a park or even an art gallery, and find inspiration comes to you there, where your comfort zone has been completely removed.

It can be very difficult to do this in ordinary working life, but, even a lunch time in the park, as opposed to being shackled to your desk, can provide room for your imagination to breathe and consider a new approach to a quandry you find yourself in.

What do you do to help yourself find a new perspective upon an imperfect picture?


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