Shownar – BBC gets Social Media savvy

The BBC recently unveiled Shownar, a site dedicated to tracking online conversation about Auntie’s shows. Shownar collects up all the online content discussing BBC shows and then aggregates it to tell you and I, what’s causing most waves in the world of social media.

Dan Taylor explained on the BBC’s Internet Blog:

For as long as the BBC has been making programmes, audiences have been talking about them and we have done our best to showcase some of those conversations on-air, via programmes like Feedback and Points of View. However, it is only with the advent of the internet that those conversations have become accessible to a much wider audience. Here on we have a range of blogs, messageboards and other commenting tools, which enable users to talk about our output. However, much of the conversation about BBC programming inevitably happens away from on people’s personal blogs or microblogging services such as Twitter.

This demonstrates that the Beeb are very much in the know when it comes to the online world. Indeed, Hitwise reported recently that the BBC iPlayer had overtaken Myspace and had become the 20th most visited website in the UK – that’s some feat.

And what’s more, the BBC are currently putting together ‘an open and collaborative documentary on the way the web is changing our lives’ called Digital Revolution. Aleks Krotoski (yes she, from the wonderful from Bits and the Guardian) presents and looks at how the net is changing the way we live – hence the strapline.

Auntie might be getting on a bit, but she’s certainly keeping up with the times, and she seems to be trying to innovate a litle bit too.


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