The power of a retweet

Retweets possess a magical power.

There are many articles looking at retweeting, Kevin Rose explains how to retweet and what it is, Jeff Louis tackles the thorny issue of auto-retweeting and this post on Blog For Profit reckons you can even earn money by retweeting and being retweeted.

So a quick recap for anyone who’s like ‘huh, wtf is a retweet?’

A retweet is a function in Twitter which allows you to repeat someone else’s tweet in order to share it with your followers.

Why would you do this? You might think the tweet contains an interesting point, or a link to some compelling content.

But, there’s so much more to it than that.

Retweeting is one of the most important functions a new user to Twitter can learn to harness and one of the most indicative forms of just who to follow – if you find someone who is being retweeted all the time, likelihood is they’ll be throwing out some really interesting stuff to their followers.

Being retweeted is a bit of an ego stroke – I like seeing ‘RT @geetarchurchy blah blah blah…’ appear in my mentions feed in Tweetdeck.

Being retweeted is a sign that someone else thinks that the tweet you’ve just sent out, is worth sharing with their followers.

Retweeting is a way of letting someone you’re following, but isn’t following you, know that you’re following them.

Retweeting is a relationship ice breaker.

If you don’t know somebody, but you’d like to enter their Twittersphere, it’s a great way of showing them that you are listening to, and genuinely enjoying the content they are sharing on Twitter.

What’s better than to retweet someone, and then for them to acknowledge that retweet publicly in a follow up tweet later in the day?

It alerts their followers to you and may even persuade some of them to start following you, growing your network and hopefully making some worthwhile connections in the process, whilst also being made aware of other great content.

Tweet, retweet and be retweeted.


4 thoughts on “The power of a retweet

  1. So all this talk about re-tweets but no easy way to re-tweet this article… come on Matt… you know better than that! You know where to get the button from! ;)

    Nice article btw. :)

  2. Ha yes, a very good point! Sadly this is a wordpress hosted blog and (as yet, as far as I know) there’s no easy way for me to add a retweet button a la Digg! Soon as i don’t have to do anything technical, i’m all retweet buttoned up ;-)

    Good point, well made :-)

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