Food bloggers and PRs to play nicely

I’ve just read a post by Tim Hayward on the Guardian food blog which discusses the throny issue of relationships between food bloggers and PRs.

On August 10th, Tim and a group of food bloggers are going to meet with some specialist food PRs to talk and learn more about the way they both work professionally and personally.

I think this is a great move and will help to make both bloggers and PRs realise how they can work in tandem to produce genuinely thrilling and entertaining content for readers.

Actually meeting someone face to face is a great way of breaking down the digital barriers that the likes of e-mail or Twitter can sometimes create.

As ever, the communication and media industries are all about relationships, and the better a relationship between two parties, the more value a third party will get – everyone’s a winner!

I’ll be interested to see how they get on and will be following the hashtag #BPRsummit with real interest.

I hope that there are no rules set, or a code of conduct created, but a better mutual understanding and appreciation of both arts which will help to make each process for both parties easier to deal with.


11 thoughts on “Food bloggers and PRs to play nicely

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