Weekly Round Up 08.08.09

This week we’ve experienced social media meltdown as Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal and Google Apps Engine came under attack from cybercriminals. I’ve gone into more depth with what happened in my post Twitter Dies – Then What? but the latest development is the believed involvement of the Russian government who attacked the sites because of the activities of one user, known as cyxcmu. All very James Bond…

Rupert Murdoch has been banging his charge for content drum again, saying that the free for all online has ended, and that News Corporation’s approach will now be to force readers to pay for their website content. Why would you do this when a) The sites aren’t providing much value anyway and b) we can go elsewhere and find the same stories?

Delicious, everybody’s favourite social bookmarking site, has released some new features. Why is this important? It shows that Yahoo has remembered Delicious exists, and it reminds us that Yahoo still exists.


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