50 Million Facebook Usernames Taken

Facebook have revealed that over 50 million usernames have now been taken. The launch of the vanity URLs initially caused a stir when facebook told us that once a name had been chosen, it couldn’t be changed. That has of course changed, and it seems one sixth of Facebook’s users have decided to take them up on their offer.

This with the news that Facebook grew twice as fast as Twitter in July, re-affirms facebook’s place at the top of the social networking pile.

Facebook have this morning announced that they have changed their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Adam Connor said:

The proposed SRR we’re announcing today mostly includes clarifying changes and minor updates. We encourage you to read the revised SRR in its entirety on the Facebook Site Governance Page, where you can review the changes and give us your comments.

Of these recent changes, Facebook’s purchase of Friendfeed has led to thoughts that Facebook will be battling it out with Twitter to be the best real-time search engine.

All this activity is making me giddy, and after a few months of Facebook seemingly coasting, it seems they’ve been working on several different projects, including the new Facebook Lite, a faster and simpler version of Facebook.

It’ll be interesting to see how all these different ‘bits’ come together to make a ‘thing’, and what Facebook’s long term goal is, Twitter beating aside.

You can keep up with the latest Facebook goings on on their blog by the way, which is, more often than not, where news break first.


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