Les Paul (1915 – 2009)

Les Paul, the grandfather of the modern electric guitar died yesterday at the age of 94 at White Plains Hospital in New York. The man who made a million people weep at the sound of six strings vibrating whilst tied to the solid block of wood from a railway sleep was an innovator who, apart from making the world’s first and most successful solid body guitar, also contributed multi-track recording to the world of production.

The Gibson Les Paul is an iconic guitar, and one that will forever by synonymous with rock and jazz, the double humbucker configuration creating a thick warm tone which was unlike any other. Ask any guitarist what their dream guitar is and the likely answer is the Gibson Les Paul.

Lester William Polfuss played his guitar until the very end, and like any good scholar of music, knew his instrument inside out.

May you rest in rock and roll Lester.


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