Momentile Review

Momentile is an online diary that allows you to document each day with a single image. This is not a Flickr or Expono, this is a one hit, one upload per day picture book.

You can upload images online or e-mail them from your phone to a personalised e-mail address which will then post your image for you a la Mobypic. Images can be no bigger than 1MB and, i’ll say it again, you can only upload one per day. If you’re not happy with your selected picture, you have all day to change it. You can view your images individually or as a mosaic which, when there’s a few uploaded, i’m sure will look cracking.

You can follow (Stalkees), be followed (Stalkers), save stuff (Stash), get sms notifications when your Stalkees upload their images, share your image feed on Facebook and of course upload your image from an iPhone.

I think this is a great idea and, if they can keep away from the deadpool, Momentile is offering a fun, free and easy service which is so simple (I really like the UI) I could navigate with my eyes closed.

With the ease of posting to the likes of Tumblr or, you could argue that Momentile has missed a trick here, especially for more experienced users. I think however, that this isn’t aimed at users of these existing a service as such – more it is those not so Internet savvy who just want a bit of fun in their everyday general net useage.

If you’d like to try Momentile, drop me a line and i’ll send you an invite code!

Momentile is currently in Alpha, so if you try it out remember: there’s bound to be bugs!


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