Blogger’s Identity To Be Revealed – Right or Wrong?

Liskula Cohen has won her case in an New York court to have the identity of a blogger, who called her various nasty things (I shan’t repeat here as it’s a family show), revealed.

The model has fought Google, who initially tried to protect the blogger, and will find out who has been behind a hateful blog campaign defaming and abusing her character.

Ms. Cohen, a model who has appeared on the front cover of Vogue, has unwittingly set a precedent that could find itself to be the undoing of many gossip blogger for years to come, especially those writing under a pseudonym to air their views/grievances/revelations anonymously.

If you offend, you may end up outed.

Now, I am in two minds about this. There are of course nasty things said on the Internet all the time, and we are not going to see this change anytime soon. If someone is a coward and unable to say things under their own name, they obviously have a reason for wanting to protect themselves.

Why should an innocent party be affected by the random rumblings from an unidentified person who may command a lot of attention?

On the other hand, we are living in an age where we, in the West especially, have the chance to have the right to a freedom of speech. Why should those rights be inhibited in the digital age where what one person says isn’t even a drop in the ocean to the total amount of content being generated and created?

I think, and please please please help me out here, that it is a good thing that the blogger will be outed.

I go back to my point about one person not having to suffer at the hands of another’s need to attention grab and disparage a reputation. If they had the courage to identify themselves in the first place, there would be more credibility to what they are saying, even if what they are saying is false.

What do you think?


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