How (not) to pitch to bloggers?

Quite an extraordinary similarity, that has resulted in two very different endings, has occurred in the last few days.

PRs are often called out for sending out mass e-mails to journalists and bloggers, lazily copy and pasting e-mail addresses into that Bcc field in Outlook and sending out one pitch or press release to hundreds of writers.

Techcrunch reported on Wednesday how they managed to find themselves on the end of a huge e-mail thread after a PR agency did this, but mistakenly put all of the e-mail recipients into the Cc field. Thus, when one angry hack responded “Take me off this list!” each of the recipients were then subjected to the e-mail. Said PR firm were called out.

Now consider this, the exact same scenario occurred with an up and coming musician, publicising his latest tracks to a mailing list of music bloggers. What happened? #musicbloggerday instead of hurling abuse at the poor musician, the bloggers had a mass chat about all manner of topics. Splendid.

What does this show us?

a) Music bloggers are cool
b) If you’re not a PR, you’re less likely to get yourself in trouble

But most importantly,

c) When you’re sending out an e-mail, think about the audience it’s going to, the content within and the tone of your text!

And if in doubt, spend a little time to personalise the e-mail before you send it…

You can read my thought on this hot topic at: How To Pitch To Bloggers and Blogger Engagement and A Quick Note To PRs and PR Policy for Bloggers.

Yes, four articles may seem excessive, but some PR agencies just aren’t listening…


2 thoughts on “How (not) to pitch to bloggers?

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  2. Awesome and thanks for pointing me into the direction of these blog posts. I am about to write something about digital PR tonight on my blog as there have been quite a few emailing disasters lately.

    The bottom line is that, PRs should never CC or BCC dozens of email addresses when pitching to bloggers – I always send personalised emails to bloggers. It’s only polite!

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