Communication 2.0 a Perfect Anarchy

Perfect Anarchy is a theory which is based around a non-authoritarian run society, where everybody is free to do as they please, without impacting on anybody else. In it, citizens come and go as they please, work of they want, live how they want and believe what they want. Basically.

It appears somewhere in the middle of complete socialism and utter mayhem. Here’s an example of thoughts about anarchy itself:

..anarchy tends to constrain wickedness, whereas statism tends to expand it (hence our current need for more and more prisons.) …Given any level of morality, anarchy makes for a more ordered and peaceful society than a state does.

I believe that at the moment, this a situation we’re finding ourselves in as communications professionals – be that digitally or otherwise.. Citizens (bloggers) do as they please – writing articles that suit them and without a need for consideration on how their views may affect other people, or brands.

Bloggers can be anonymous and attack people they don’t know, or they can be open and attack brands or institutions they have no affiliation with or people they don’t know.

Is this a good thing?


It means that brands are openly held accountable for the service they provide, and they will get called out if they are not doing their job right. Social media dictates that PRs are now much more than delivering a brand’s message to online communities, they are shaping it to help the brand discover, or build, their online reputation.

It also means that standards for failure are much higher and brands that are left to catch up, have more work to do and further to fall than those which are openly and actively embracing the current communication method of choice.

With openness and transparency from bloggers and brands, we can find ourselves approaching a more civilised and ‘ideal’ communications pathway, where brands supply bloggers with content that is valuable, and bloggers supply brands with a genuine loyalty and trust that has been earned, not bought.


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