Bad Lieutenant and Oasis

Bad Lieutenant is the brainchild of former New Order/Joy Division/Warsaw singer and guitarist Bernard Sumner. Following New Order’s apparant split, Bernard has drafted in Phil Cunningham, he too of New Order, and some others to form a new group. Their single Sink or Swim, can currently be downloaded for free from their website

Surely this should be on CBM? Perhaps. But what I like about this is that the band have already got a Twitter account and an active Facebook group. They’ve not gigged yet, but they are using Twitter and Facebook to spread the word about their music, as well as the ineviteable Myspace page.

Now, this may well of course be down to the record company’s insistence, but it demonstrates the importance of these platforms when reaching out to new audiences, be it from a band or a brand. Indeed, Bernard is blogging on the Myspace site to give fans an insight to the inner workings of the group.

Now, the announcement from Noel Gallagher that he was leaving Oasis came too from a ‘blog’, albeit a website based platform. The statement did not come through a traditional press release, it was a few words on the Oasis website, which shows how the power of reaching millions instantly is much more important in some circumstances than reaching millions over the course of a few days.

Again, as we all know, that is what the Internet does best, giving us instantaneous delivery of information, whether you’re a musician, a banker or a mobile phone operator, and is an effect a press release can never hope to achieve.


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