Top Ten Real Time Search Engines

Real-time search engines are becoming ever more popular and ever more important. Should Google be quaking in it’s boots at the possibility of losing it’s long-standing status as the world’s most important search engine?

Possibly, but that said, Google is probably working on something anyway.

So, here’s ten of the best real-time search engines:

1) One Riot
2) Crowd Eye
3) Collecta
4) Topsy
5) Scoopler
7) Twazzup
8) Friendfeed
9) Twitter Search
10) Microplaza

Are there any other real-time search engines you think i’ve missed?


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Real Time Search Engines

  1. Hi Matt. You have missed one of the original real time search engines: :) We have just launched our Real Time Board and even more updates will soon follow. Be a surcher and a discoverer at the same time on surchur!

    Monika Lorincz

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  3. Hi Matt

    Thanks for mentioning Microplaza (Beta), while we design a great site dedicated to Microplaza-based services and solutions, please check our start-up blog, where we (I) publish posts on Microplaza, social media and where we will upload widgets, buttons, etc for download (for example, tomorrow Mon 14th…oh, that’s a scoop!)…

    Hope we can make it a better tool, feedback is welcomed.


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