Monopoly City Streets

Monopoly City Streets, a joint venture between Google and Hasbro, is set to launch on Wednesday this week allowing players all over the world to compete in a worldwide game of Monopoly. Hasbro, lisencees of Monopoly, have given Google the rights to the game which will take place within Google Maps.

You will be able to buy any street in the world and put on it properties, football stadiums and castles, trying to outwit your friends, enemies and opponents, with the grand sum of $3m.

This could be exciting.

What does it mean in the grander scheme of things? It’s a convergence of two seemingly opposite concepts and mediums – a classic board game, traditionally played by roaring fires at Christmas and the fresh exciting possibilities of the online space. Interestingly, the makers of the game are still looking for building designs and are asking the community to come up with them. Is the next step UGC within the game proper?

How might this be monetised? There could be an option to go all Second Life and WoW by allowing players extra types of properties for a couple of dollars, is this something that would appeal?


4 thoughts on “Monopoly City Streets

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  2. The game only goes until 1/1/2010. Why only a few months? Probably because Hasbro is considering charging for the game once all the kinks are worked out. Already there is a “10% off purchases” chance card with a real life discount code.

    Other people are already trying to cash in with news and strategy sites (presumably in hopes of ad revenue?). A few sites I’ve seen:

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