What’s the point in great PR if the product stinks?

I’m happy to be the first to admit, i’m not the most technologically gifted of people. I get by and i’m always hungry to learn new exciting things that will hopefully be of use at work or at home, so I am not realy in a position to be able to harp on about why technology must be ready before it is released to a waiting public.

However, I am also a consumer and therefore I expect the products I buy into, to work first time.

The amount of coverage Monopoly City Streets had had over the last week, has been breathtaking. Hasbro has seen it’s brand new game in the Independent, The New York Times and ABC News, as well as another 281 news sites.

In the blogosphere, there has been much excitement from Business Pundit and Internet Games, to Tech Blorge and Digital Buzz.

However, since launch, the game has been hampered by crashes, glitches and at many times, a complete diappearance from the face of the planet. There were 1.7 million people trying to access the games when it first went live which understandably caused the Monopoly team a few problems.

It is obvious that the demand was completely underestimated and the Monopoly team are doing a good job of getting the product working slightly more smoothly.

What this highlights though is that launches are just as reliant on having a good product, as they are on having great PR. There’s no point having a great product if no-one knows about it, and there’s no point doing great PR if the product sucks or fails frequently.

When it actually works, the game is very very addictive and will be great fun when it runs more smoothly.I’ll be interested to see how many people stick with Monopoly until it is running perfectly, and how many people who initially tried to play the game have given up altogether.


2 thoughts on “What’s the point in great PR if the product stinks?

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  2. I agree with your points that the PR was great yet the technology platform not able to cope with the huge demand at launch. Let’s see if the product is actually bad once the glitches have been sorted out.

    Maybe it’s a case of bad launch vs bad product?

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