Real Time Google Search

Readwriteweb reported yesterday that Omgili‘s CEO Ran Geva had found a crack to allow real-time search using Google.

RWW explains:

By default when you click on “search options” and limit a search to the last day, the qdr appears as “d.” Change that to “n” and you’ll be limited to results from the last minute, to “n10” and you’ll see results discovered in the last 10 minutes – or “s30” to see results from the last 30 seconds. It couldn’t be simpler.

Why is this important? It demonstrates that Google are looking at ways to develop a better real-time search engine, a feat that some have tried, but few have successfully scratched the surface of doing. Incidentally, here’s my top ten real time search engines.

If Google are to enter the market as a big player, it will shake the current contenders into really pushing the work they are doing and push some big innovations.

Real time search is where the money is going to be in the next 18 months as people look for the most relevant and up to date opinions, products, news and services hyper-local to them.

The next step is for this to then go mobile. Imagine walking through a high street with your augmented reality enabled handset, pointing it at a restaurant and getting the most recent reviews and Twitter comments about it, complete with tips on similar places in your location and where the nearest ATM is.

This isn’t actually far away:

Combine augmented reality with real time search and all of a sudden your choices as a customer become all that more interesting to companies, giving you more consumer power.


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