Top Ten blogs: Social Media Measurement

How we measure social media ROI is the hot topic in comunications at the minute. What metrics can we use, what new ideas can we develop, and my particular favouritedo we even need to measure ROI?

I thought I’d collate this after reading and commenting on this post by Mike Litman got my brain swhirling.

Here’s ten of my favourite posts discussing social media ROI, there’s some classics, and some newer pieces too:

1) Social Media Measurement: Dashboards vs GPS
2) What Will Replace the Almighty Page View?
3) Perhaps Social Media Measurement Shouldn’t Matter
4) Social Media ROI – a financially sound method
5) You just cannot shoe-horn metrics into Social Media
6) The Business Problems With Social Media ROI
7) Enough With Social Media ROI, Already
8) Social Media ROI is about Conversation not Numbers
9) Social media ROI: is it worth waiting for?
10) Social Media ROI: Dell’s $3m on Twitter and Four Better Examples

What posts have given you food for thought?

5 thoughts on “Top Ten blogs: Social Media Measurement

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