Tweetportal is one of the latest in a long line of Twitter news aggregators which aims to pull together the most popular tweets shared by users of the service.

The portal has a simple layout with the main screen split into six sections covering world news, business, sport (although very little is UK-related), technology, music and television.


The layout is very simple, and looks very Lycos-ish, and despite this the site still takes a while to load up, even in Chrome. Tweetportal is currently in beta, so i’m expecting a raft of upgrades and new features soon.

What is interesting here is that there is obviously an opportunity for these services to appeal to Twitter users who are not familiar with the main sites such as Tweetmeme or Twazzup, and I think that they will be monetisable when they are swallowed up by larger portals such as MSN or AOL.

I think then we will see the real value of the likes of Tweetportal to everyday users, who are becoming accustomed to getting their news in 140 characters or less. For users who are using other resources to get their news, Tweetportal is not groundbreaking and is certainly not providing anything new, but to the layman, this is a useful service.

I’d like to see a fresher aesthetic, with perhaps an option to break down news by geography – reading about NFL, NBA and Baseball really does nothing for a Watford supporting F1 watching golfing type.

A nice start, but I expect to see more in the future.


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