iZoca is a new social network which focusses on event management and helping organisations to communicate better.

I was first alerted to the service after reading about it on Sociable Blog, but it wasn’t until Susan Bardack from iZoca got in touch that my interest was perked.

iZoca has so far raised over $600,000 in funding, which has largely gone on developing the network itself.

Within iZoca the focus is on a section called ‘My World’ which contains your monthly calendar, your weekly agenda and upcoming events which you may be attending. There is a message function allowing you to connect with other members (I am 2663 so I assume that at the time of writing that is how many users iZoca has) and you can also search for individual members.

So one of the initial main priorities is to join a group and get to know some of them. However the vast majority of the groups at the moment are US-focussed and this means for a UK member it is, at the moment, not going to help me connect with other folks from Britain.

To try and establish some new friends, I tried searching for other UK members – however, you can only search by name, title or company at this stage, so an option to find members by location would be a nice addition.

I like the UI, it’s very easy to navigate and Intuitive to use – thumbs up from me on that one. Aesthetically I think it could be developed a little further, but I must emphasise that iZoca is still in that Alpha stage. A really cool feature is the ability to get your iZoca calendar on your iPhone, into Microsoft Outlook 2007, your Yahoo and Google calendars as well as on your Blackberry.

You can keep up to date with iZoca on their blog, and I’ll keep you updated with any newsworthy updates.

I like the concept and the thinking behind iZoca, what we need to see from the team now is some investment in some new features – what about some Twitter integration for example – and a development of the way the portal looks.

Good stuff so far.


4 thoughts on “iZoca

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  2. Hi Matt,

    I appreciate your thoughtful review of iZoca! I like your forward thinking ideas with Twitter integration and design. This is exactly where we are going and with a little bit of time we will be developing additional ways people can connect and target information they want.

    We’ll definitely keep you posted with our latest developments!

  3. Hi Jeff, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment, really appreciate your time.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the service grows and the new features you’ll roll out over the coming months. I think there’s definitely a space for iZoca in the increasingly crowded social networking sphere and it’ll be exciting to watch you guys develop!

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