Quest TV

Quest TV launched on Wednesday following a delay to the expected start date. Jed Hallam from Wolfstar was kind enough to invite me to the launch event a few months ago and now I can finally tell you all about it!

Quest is the only new channel to launch as part of Freeview’s big re-tune and can be found on channel 38. The channel transmits daily from 10am – midnight, and shows a range of programmes from drama and documentaries, to outdoor adventure show and UGC.

I like Quest. They’re definitely going for the Dave demographic (oh hai, that’s me!) and putting out shows which will appeal mainly to guys between 18-35 who have got a sense of humour and like seeing real stuff happen.

Looking through today’s listings the show that stands out for me is The Locust That Watched Star Wars – Locusts are amazing at avoiding obstacles. Biologist Claire Rind shows a locust Star Wars and observes it neural responses to find out how – amazing :-D

What I really like about Quest however, is that they chose to engage with the blogosphere and specifically target their outreach to a group of bloggers, rather than pour their marketing spend into a huge advertising campaign. Find your audience, talk to them, simples.

What I’d like to see from Quest moving forward, quality shows aside, is a further dipping of their toes into the social media waters. How about a blog on the website for example, talking about future plans, initial launch reaction, asking viewers for their thoughts on what other shows they’d like to see.

They’re already showing user generated content, which is great, so now how’s about getting the viewers to define the shape of the channel?


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