UK Politicians’ TV Debate

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, can in theory at least, now hold a live TV debate before next year’s General Election, after the Prime Minister agreed in principle to the event taking place. The show would see the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat leaders face each other in a one off showdown live on Sky.

What I’d like to see is the integration of social media channels for viewers to comment live throughout the show via Twitter. This could be for example, a live feed on screen as Fox recently experimented with, that allows viewers to connect and share their opinions.

Twitter could be used as a front channel on the set, allowing users to put their thoughts directly to the three leaders, who could then react in real-time, a true test of any politician’s mettle.

Twitter will of course be hot during the show, which is yet to be scheduled, and this gives the Sky producers even more reason to get involved and use the platform. They already have Rith Barnett, their dedicated presence on Twitter, so why not get her asking questions to the Twittersphere, taking the answers and sharing them with the host and the three leaders.

I expect to see the major online guys like the Guardian, Times Online and BBC live blogging throughout the show too which will add another unique perspective.

This is a great opportunity to use social media to add additional commentary from the people that MPs serve, and what better way for the leaders of the UK’s three primary parties to find out the actual reaction to what they’re saying, as they’re saying it?

As for the most, there have been murmurings of Adam Boulton and David Frost, and both of these would provide tough questions for the three leaders. I’d like to see them by dynamic enough to use comment from the Internet in real-time – this is an opportunity that must not be missed.


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