New Blog Header

I’ve decided to change the blog header of Seldom Seen Kid. So, seeing as you are the guys reading, i’d like you to decide which on you prefer!

Let me know in the comment section :-)

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: So far it’s 3-3! First to ten?

UPDATE 2: Header a) won 10-7 so, as you will now see, it is at the top of the page! Thanks to everyone who tool the time to leave a comment or tweet me :-)


8 thoughts on “New Blog Header

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  3. I like the first one: I suspect it’s because I’ve got a soft spot for fast light strobe effects. The pic also has a strong focal point in the bottom left corner.

    The second feels a bit more static and dreamy.

  4. I like the second one Matt, ’tis less busy and distracting. Either one is an improvement on the current one though ;-)

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