The Londonist is Five!

LondonistI was lucky enough to be able to tag along with Jason to the Londonist‘s fifth birthday party on Friday and mingle with assembled glitterati of the London blogosphere at East London’s trendyWater Poet.

It was great talking to Mauricio, Mike Litman, Tiki Chris, Sian, Kai, Chris, Fernando and Serena and more, but i forget who because i’m a doofus.

What the night reminded me of was the great amount of talent we’ve got in the city and how lucky we are to have such a great blog as the Londonist to keep us up to date with what’s really happening in London.

I’ve written before about how important the blog is when I compared it to the freesheets, after which I was lucky enough to get some questions answered by Dave and Matt.

The city needs the blog, and of course the blog needs the city, but the service it provides us with is irreplaceable and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated team who come up with some great copy and imagery for us all to digest.

Here’s to the next five years!

Some of my favourite Londonist articles from the last few weeks:

The Hoff Wreaks Havoc In London
In Pictures: muTATE Britain – One Foot In The Grove
Greenwich Protesters Attempt Ring Around Park
Mayor Finds Transport Policy
The London Blogger Interviews #27: Stitch & Bitch

What do you like about the Londonist?


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